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My name is Will Du. No pun intended, I can assure you I was born this way. I’m a web designer with a heavy focus on UX, more specifically, interactive UI design. The notion of shaping experiences and building trust with the user intrigues me. I often find myself fundamentally asking why something is, and having the passion to create things led me to forge a path in design.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

- John C. Maxwell

I believe things are always connected somehow. My love for building with LEGOs and drawing nonstop as a child led me to animation and 3D. I entered the Animation Program at Seneca College right out of highschool and after 3 years in many facets of drawing, storyboarding, character development, sculpting and life-drawing, I found a natural fit in 3D modeling which led to several gigs in the animation industry which I specialized in prop and environmental modeling. Life was good for awhile, but after working for 2 years, I realized the state of the industry, itself, is broken and it just wasn’t for me anymore. My love for 3D still grows strong and I like to model in 3D from time to time. After a year of travelling, I enrolled in Humber's Web Design and Interactive Media program and immediately felt this was the industry I'd want to be in.

I like to work on my personal yet, experimental projects all revolving around sketching, painting or printmaking; Anything to do with hands-on crafts. When I’m not staring at a digital screen 15 hours a day, I rock climb and snowboard. A big fan of ASMR, lover of winter, avid mystery-hunter and an enormous nerd for gadgets and future technologies.

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