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Bunting & Carlton: Chiropractic Clinic



Project Details

Bunting and Carlton needed a brand that reflected the times; A fresh new modern look that didn't stray too far off from its' content. With a newly founded company they wanted to kickstart a better way to reach out to potential clients. Their aim was to incorporate social media as a tool to communicate to a wider audience in addition to word of mouth.


Branding / UX / Development

Getting to know Bunting and Carlton

B&C is a newly founded Chiropractic Clinic aptly named for the intersection of the converging streets, located in the heart of St. Catharines, Ontario. With a combined 8+ years of chiropractic training in the medical field, the 2 doctors have founded a chiropractic clinic that is rapidly growing within a few months of its’ creation.


The idea to encourage users to realize B&C was a trusted brand. I wanted to ensure the logo was purposeful yet meaningful as to reflect on the chiropractors who founded the clinic.

2 tones of blue were used as well as a gold emblem to signify excellence. The logo was professional but had a blush of abstraction. The ampersand was meant to be a standalone emblem.

bunting and carlton logo
graph two


Bunting and Carlton wanted to be more active in the social media space to fit in with the times of a connected world. One of their goals was to make the company a living entity by letting their users know what the company is up to with a blog, and social media.


The site was built to accommodate many mobile devices.


As a way to organize the amount of colors, fonts and CSS properties, SASS was the perfect preprocessor to use in my framework. In addition, the ease of use and elegant nesting is a plus!