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Nodeschool: Toronto Chapter


Project Details

Following the first ever event in Toronto, I was approached to design a shiny new emblem to represent the amazing things the mentors had planned for the coming years for the Toronto chapter. Given the loose brand guidelines that were provided, I had creative freedom to approach the design whichever way I wanted.



Getting to know Nodeschool

NodeSchool is a self-directed learning environment hosted every month at Shopify in Toronto, where you bring your own laptop to learn everything that is Node.js. Over the past few months, there has been steady growth in the number of attendees with the majority being developers, designers and curious cats looking to dive into Node.js.

node reference emblems

I was given these emblems to work off of. It was great to see inklings of a few chapters as each of them gives off a hint of their respective locale.


I designed the emblem with key landmarks in mind. This brought me back to my childhood when my dad would drive us to and from downtown Toronto hitting CN Tower, Rogers Centre, the Humber Bay Arch Bridge and that giant wind turbine along Lakeshore. This gave meaning to an otherwise typical design.

node work in progress
node color samples

Experimenting with color profiles led to some extremes. I often had to look back at the brand guidelines to tone down the saturation a bit. Though, it’s fun to take a composition to it’s limits and explore ‘what could be’.

node final emblem

The team decided on this emblem to represent the Toronto chapter. A worthy choice.

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