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Project Details

Humber VANGUARD is a portfolio show created by, and dedicated to the Web Design and Interactive Media Students. We needed a brand to represent the class as a whole.


Brand / Swag

Getting to know Humber: VANGUARD

Humber VANGUARD was the title chosen by the students in the Web Design and Interactive Media Program. Vanguard, by definition, is being the first.

Our design team dived into many themes and styles that represented our class. One thing that was certain was our ability to adapt to change; Like an astronaut navigating their spaceship on a voyage to another galaxy -or- something like that.

collabo collage

Some logo concepts by the design team. (Dustin Gamble, Leah de Vries, Moin Patel, Andreas Hernandez and Will Du.

Themes we explored:

  • Roaring Twenties: Celebration of Innovation
  • 50's Science: Working Towards A Common Goal
  • Propaganda: YOU WANT US!

Big Picture.

Something that is uniquely, us.

Themes were pushed back and forth but the design team started honing in on the idea of Science. We took it further by extending the science theme to Sci-Fi (outer space and beyond!). Vanguard represented pushing boundaries and being leaders to unexplored areas. This fit very well with being the first to complete the Humber Web Design and Interactive Media Program and also paving the way for new students just coming in.

The theme was solidified but the style wasn’t. We skimmed through Dribbble, and Designspiration to conduct analysis on various styles.

Keywords we brainstormed:

  • Unexplored
  • Brave
  • Discovery
  • First
  • Paving The Way
  • Achievement
  • Pioneers
  • Adventurous
  • Leader

The final 2 logo variations:

logo 1
logo 2

... and our winner, voted by our class.

official logo
official logo small
logo 1 day
logo 2 night
color palette
black and white

One of the gurus of logo making, Aaron Draplin was a huge inspiration. I used his advice in making sure our logo was clean and easy to read.


Badges and other promotional material were created to develop the brand further.

badge concepts

Badges experimentation which didn’t make the cut.